Five Important Tips for Maui Sellers

1.  DEVELOP A HOME SELLING PLAN   It is a good idea to set clear goals and to decide from the start how assertive you would like to be in the selling process.  Pro-Active sellers on Maui are smart to get their properties inspected (including termite inspected), surveyed and appraised in advance to help with realistic pricing and to encourage knowledgeable offers from informed buyers.  This can prevent a home from falling out of escrow when previously unknown facts are discovered during the escrow period. 

2.  MAKE NECESSARY REPAIRS, MINOR IMPROVEMENTS, & CLEANING    Walk through your home as a prospective buyer would.  Check flooring, plumbing, light fixtures, cooling & ventilation systems, roof and any other major features of your property.  Add small cosmetic touches that might help sell your home.  Spruce up your entryway and make it more inviting.  Plant flowers in the front yard for more curb appeal.  Organize and bring cluttered items to a storage space. 
3.  PRICE YOUR HOME    Decide on a realistic price so that the home sells in a timely fashion and does not remain on the market for a lengthy time as unsold.  This only makes buyers speculate why the home has been on the market so long and hasn't sold.  "Priced Right" is still the determining factor in selling a home within a reasonable time frame.  Consider getting an appraisal to assess the market value of your home.  Then, contemplate pricing it somewhere above that so there is room for negotiation.  Remember that in a conventional loan, the bank will lend on 80% of the appraised value.  The buyer must come in with 20% down at a minimum.  By the way, in the event you do not want to pay for an appraisal, I have done more than 100 Broker Price Opinions (similar to an appraisal) for real estate on Maui and can provide you with the closest and most accurate match for what you property is valued at. 

4.  MARKET YOUR HOME    We will work to attract as many buyers as possible.  This may involve a variety of ways to advertise including print and online advertising using creative copy, the Maui Realtor's Caravan, open houses, yard signage.  We SPECIALIZE in creating PDF documents and personal handout packets to give the buyer everything they need to know about your property, so that they are able to write a serious and informed offer on your Maui property.  With the majority of listings being found online today, the value of professional photos on the Maui MLS is growing daily.  We are a professional architectural and landscape photographers and are proficient in Adobe Photoshop for the editing of real estate photos.  Please visit OUR MARKETING PLAN PAGE to learn how our detailed marketing program can assist you to become a pro-active seller, encouraging insightful offers from buyers.

5.  CLOSE THE SALE    We will assist you through the escrow process to complete all of the necessary documents and will ensure that all of the contingencies have been met according to the Hawaii Association of Realtors Purchase Contract and attached addendums in a timely manner.